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Easy organization and reading of comics and manga

Comic Zeal Comic Reader is a image archive viewer on iOS. While it is a universal app, it works best on the wider viewing screen of the iPad. View full description


  • Easy to use
  • Lots of options
  • Fast reading flow


  • File transfer is slow
  • Small learning curve


Comic Zeal Comic Reader is a image archive viewer on iOS. While it is a universal app, it works best on the wider viewing screen of the iPad.

Supporting file formats like cbz,cbr, zip, rar, and PDF, Comic Zeal Comic Reader allows you to read image files inside these archives.

Comic Zeal Comic Reader has a small learning curve to learn how to accurately use the app. Files are normally sorted by title and numerical series are combined into one folder. The app has trouble with non-standard text, and it is usually easier to extract and recombine files with a standard file name.

As image files are scaled to the screen, the featured pinch-to-zoom function is not normally needed. Even when some images are two pages, the page can be scaled to fit in portrait mode. Turning the iPad to landscape will also scale so both pages show.

While reading, Comic Zeal Comic Reader will open the next file in a series providing a seamless experience. The slider in Comic Zeal Comic Reader becomes the all-in-one tool. Moving files is simple: slide to the right and the file is moved into the slider. The file can then be moved to another folder, deleted, or added into a newly created folder.

The only annoying aspect of Comic Zeal Comic Reader is importing through iTunes, which is a two-step process with the files first being imported into the iPad and then imported into Comic Zeal Comic Reader. Larger files take more time and that can also affect the reading speed.

Comic Zeal Comic Reader is one of the best apps for reading comics and manga.


  • Added option to auto-sort a series when new comics are added to it on import.
  • Added option to auto-sort the home page after an import.
  • Retina graphics throughout.
  • Comic Zeal will generate high resolution thumbnails when the device has a retina display.
  • Comic Zeal will now try harder to find thumbnails to represent a series if there are dividers present in the series.
  • Comics downloaded from bitolithic are no longer backed up.
  • The 'new comics are western/manga' is infinitely more reliable.
  • Fixed issue where holding down a button on the slider menu would bring up the options of the underlying entry.
  • Fixed issue where a comic container text was blurry on a non-retina iPhone.
  • Fixed a bug where comic dividers wouldn't accept comics if they had been tapped once after being created (were actually 'closed' but not showing it).
  • Fixed issue where comics marked as manga wouldn't start on the left of the page if the zoom level was set to 'page fit'.
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Comic Zeal 8.0.7

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